Program Overview

Our LVFlood™ program combines Life-of-Loan flood determination monitoring with comprehensive flood insurance tracking.  This integrated approach was designed to satisfy auditors and ensure continuous flood insurance is in force at all times.

Flood Risk Overview

Examiners and regulators from all agencies have been "targeting" the flood insurance area during compliance exams.  Flood zone determinations, ongoing monitoring of flood zone properties and force placed flood insurance procedures have come under increased scrutiny.

  • 90% of all Presidentially declared disasters involve flooding.
  • Properties in a SFHA area have a 26% chance of flooding during the life of a 30-year mortgage
  • Over 30% of all flood claim payments are made on properties where flood insurance was not required by the lender   

LVFlood™  Tracking Overview

  • Eliminates any gap in coverage during the federally mandated 45 day wait period
  • All properties receive immediate coverage with delayed billing
  • Includes Automatic Coverage provision that offers a “safety net”
  • Lender maintains control over process but does not perform the work.
  • Loans in existing portfolio can be certified for accurate flood status (optional)
  • Combines life-of-loan flood zone determinations with ongoing flood insurance tracking
  • Provides proactive approach to flood compliance
  • Comprehensive system to satisfy auditors/examiners.

Other Advantages

  • Free Certificate Map – an aerial view of the subject property overlaid with the FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) map is a useful customer service tool.
  • Automated interface between determination provider and tracking system
  • Multiple ordering and delivery options
  • Expert LOMA assistance

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